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​Speeding traffic is a serious issue in Griffydam, especially on Top Road and Rempstone Road.  Griffydam Community Speed Watch was introduced in 2014 to help educate passing drivers of our village speed limits and to gather evidence of the problem for the Highways Agency.  


The data collected via the Community Speed Watch volunteers, plus the covert speed monitoring provided by the scheme, has shown an unacceptable level of compliance. Based on this evidence and letters of support from the School and Parish Council, the Highways have agreed to draw up plans for intervention measures.


Until these measures have been put in place, we will continue with Community Speed Watch to help manage the problem locally.  

After a very long process of working with the county council, the portable flashing speed sign is now available for use. The sign has been funded by the parish council and will be shared with Worthington and Newbold. Many thanks to everyone involved and to the volunteers who will be moving and installing the sign around the 3 villages.

The police have also provided us with 40mph and 30mph bin stickers that have proved to be very successful in other local villages. If you live on Top Road or Remptone Road and would like to have one then please contact



​We have done a few things to help improve the village surroundings and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas on how to make our village an even better place to live.


A big thanks to Carole Bramley and volunteers for taking part in the village litter picks.


Also thanks to Carole for liaising with NWLDC to clear the paths from Top Road and Middle Road to Bottom Road, and for organising the removal of the broken bench at the end of Top Road via the Parish Council.


The undergrowth on Rempstone road has been cleared to help improve pedestrian access on the hill between Top Road and Elder Lane and the overgrown verge on the pavement at the end of Top Road has been cut back.


We have also planted spring bulbs at the entrances to the village and wild flowers along the hedgerow on Rempstone Road.



Broken Bench
Top To Bottom Rd
single daffodil
Rempstone Rd Path
Middle to Bottom Rd


​Griffy Well is a spring located on Bottom road that use to supply water for the village up until the 1930's or 40's. There is a legend associated with the Well about a mythical beast that guarded the Well with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. The beast forced villagers to walk several miles for their water until it was slain by a chivalrous knight.


Over the years the Well has been poorly maintained and difficult to access and there was very little community awareness of this local heritage.  


However, after putting forward a proposal to the Parish Council for improvements to the site, the Parish Council have given their formal approval and have started the necessary work to maintain it.


We would like to thank BREEDON who operate the local Breedon Quarry for their sponsorship of the Griffy Well Information board which was designed by the Griffydam History Group. Also thanks to Brian Thompson for erecting the board.


Signposts have to Griffy Well have also been erected by the County Council.

School Griffin
Griffywell Railings
Griffywell Entrance

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